This video was produced in 2012. It shows a “fan” of sports walking into a sports store to see what kind of gear they carry. There are a number of angles of the individual shopping and trying on sports gear. The video also shows the fan making his final purchase and leaving the sports store. This video was shot by me using my FS-100 and using the natural lighting provided within the store. Even though this was a school project, I also took advantage of learning the ins and outs of my camera.

“Music To My Soul” is a silent film that I created to see how emotions could come across on video without any sound to it. In this video I wanted to capture the excitement of the subject as he played his favorite instrument, the guitar. This video used natural and artificial lighting. I chose to use natural lighting for the subject while sitting in his living room. As we progressed upstairs to his man cave I added some lighting using my light kit and I also used some of the lights that were in that room. I think his facial reactions while playing the guitar definitely help this movie clip express the emotions I wanted to show since there was no dialogue.

Habitat For Humanity from Tarina Stevens on Vimeo.

This video was shot as a prelude to what I wanted to do for my final project. This video is about the building of a home by Habitat for Humanity, Sea Island chapter in South Carolina. The purpose of this video is to show how volunteers from all walks of life come together to help someone in need. This video is a prelude to my final video submission for school. This video shows the different areas of work that must be done in order to put this home together. The volunteers in the video do not have to have any construction experience because there are people onsite with the experience to show them how things are done and to help them out when needed.

“Combat Videographers Shoes” is a self-reflection on the job I performed while in the United States Air Force. This video was set up and shot by me as well as using myself as the talent.

This is a short documentary about the efforts of HFH and its volunteers to help make the Dahl family dream come true. After being homeless, the Dahl family finds relief and hope in the form of their church and HFH.


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