Hi this is Tarina Stevens Videography website. This website is about a Cinematographer who is trying to get her name recognized and her videos seen by a large group of people in hopes that someone will be willing to give her a job or even an internship so that she can prove what she can do and make a positive impact on the company or person she will be working for. On this site you will find that she has provided a few of the videos that she has produced, shot and edited. You will also find current projects that she is working on and testimonials from people she has already worked with in the past. On this site you are able to view her videos and some of her still photographs as well as her goals as a cinematographer. You are also able to read about her experience and how she can be contacted for future information or job opportunities. This site is perfect for those who are looking to hire a cinematographer or even for those who are interested in the video career field. As a Videographer, you definitely need to be a leader but also you must know how to be adaptable and a team player This site will provide an insight to what it takes to be a Cinematographer and the different opportunities that may be available in this career field.


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